Temporary Shut Down of Interactive Features

Spammers have found my site…it was only a matter of time. As a result I have removed the forum and blocked comments from posts – I just don’t have the time or inclination to constantly delete spammy posts from the moderation queue. It’s a shame because I want to engage with readers and writers in … [Read more…]

The Forum

If you have looked around my site you may have seen the forum. I know there have been a few views but right  now it does not do very much! I thought it would be a useful addition to the site as I like user interaction. It’s not just about my books – if you want to … [Read more…]

What’s been happening?

So I have been a little slow with site updates this week – it’s been very busy. Work on book 2 has pushed through the 30,000 word mark; I fully expect this to drop as I start to edit back to the core story.  All I can say is some characters return, some are busy … [Read more…]

Live Revisions

In checking the proofs for print I have discovered a few minor typos. I’ll be correcting these as I go along and uploading a release to Amazon every couple of days until I am happy I have them nailed. Generally speaking a new edition takes about 24 hours to go through the amazon approval process. … [Read more…]