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Friends who do art. In the new year I would like to get some character sketches done, preferably in digital format, although scanning would be easy if you prefer paper. Before floating out into the internet I thought I would ask if any of you fine bunch would like to look at producing some artwork. Basically it would initially be some sketches of key characters based on book descriptions and my notes. Let me know if you are interested by PM and what your rates would be (your proper rate, we don’t do "mates rates" or discounts in these here parts – fair pay for good work!) I think I’d need around six sketches to start with, then it’ll be ongoing.

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Just a quick update as to why there have been no updates! It has been a hugely busy few weeks with home and work stuff (you know all the stuff that intrudes on writing time!).

Book 2 is now back to 100,000 words following a mid draft edit and I am firmly in the third act.

So far, so good.

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Paul Grover – Sci Fi Writer updated their cover photo.

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