Mira Thorn

Mira Alice Thorn is a thirty-year-old Commander in the Federal Navy.

She was born in England but grew up in Namibia. She views both countries as home.

Mira is short, wears an eyepatch and uses her black hair to conceal her scars. She has a reputation for profanity. 

She chose a career in the military because she wanted fly starships, specifically fighters. After graduating from the academy in the middle of her class, she served aboard the FSS Illustrious under Captain Jon Flynt. Flight controllers gave her the calls sign “Mouse”.

Ever impulsive and with little respect for rules Mira has poor disciplinary record. She soon built a reputation for reckless flying and disregarding operational protocols. It won her few friends in her squadron, but impressed Flynt amongst others.  Mira developed the ability to fly her Typhoon fighter to the very edges of its performance envelope.

What some saw as reckless, others saw as genius.

After a three year posting a high speed pass over the cruiser London saw her hauled before a disciplinary hearing. Her flight status was revoked indefinitely, and she was assigned to a shore based posting on Ganymede.

Mira’s way out was to apply for a posting with the Marine Corps. The Corps were short on pilots and with the outbreak of hostilities on Mars, the marines were prepared to take anyone who could fly.

After a three-month conversion program she was certified to fly Cobra drop ships and was assigned to Mariner City. Federal forces were suffering heavy losses at the hands of Martian Dawn. The life expectancy for new flight crew was three missions.

Mira was terrified.

She took the posting seriously and worked out the best chance of survival was to fly low and fast. She memorised routes and learned how to use all the performance the Cobra could offer.

202 drops later her luck ran out.

Her ship was hit on a routine ferry mission. She kept it in the air long enough to make  land at settlement The landing was hard and Mira was severely injured.

At the start of Ark of Souls, her recovery is far from complete. She has been left physically and mentally scarred. Despite her excellent combat record she suffers from an extreme lack of self esteem.

Mira is impulsive and has an addictive personality. She was diagnosed with ADD at the age of10. She lied about the condition on her application to the academy.

It is assumed by most people that it was the crash the caused Mira’s mental health issues, however the reasons are far deeper and more complex.

Mira has a brother, Ryan and a Sister Nina. Her parents are Robert and Caroline. Mira was very close to her maternal grandmother.

She has always had a turbulent relationship with her parents. They did not approve of her decision to join the Navy, but supported her when it was clear her mind was made up.