Trigger Warnings

The Vale Series is escapist fiction. As you would expect with any adventure series it features mild to moderate violence, mature language and sexual references.

However it’s a brutal universe and occasionally we visit places some readers might find disturbing. While these instances are infrequent, I would like you to have advance notice.

You will encounter references to and descriptions of: drug use, alcohol abuse, self-harm, domestic violence, mental illness and sexual assault.

It’s impossible to compile a comprehensive list of triggers as they can be complex and unique. My overall advice is the Vale Series is adult fiction (18+) and should be approached as such.

A list of chapters some readers my find disturbing is listed below.  Please be aware this list is a work in progress. I may add to it after discussing scenes with readers.

As always I’m here to help, if you have questions please feel free to get in touch.

Ark of Souls
Chapter 3      Self Harm

Chapter 4      Sexual Assault (Implied)

Chapter 25    Addiction / Domestic Violence (Both discussed, not described)

Ghosts of the Vale

Chapter 8      Sexual Assault (Attempted)

Chapter 9      Child Death / Self Harm

Chapter 12     Sexual Assault (Attempted)

Chapter 21     Death of a loved one

Chapter 22     Suicidal Thoughts

Wheel of Fire

No Chapters of Note - General Trigger Warning Applies

Coming Home

Chapter 4      Alcoholism

Chapter 18     Depression/Suicidal Thoughts

Chapter 22     Sexual Assault / Violent Assault

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